[+ Python Code + Dataset] Is Fault Detection a Segmentation or Edge Detection problem?

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Fault detection is considered #segmentation and not an edge detection problem in most publications, but not the one I am covering today. It compares the state-of-the-art segmentation architecture with Holistic Edge Detection and Richer Convolutional Features. It is an exciting read. The authors, alongside architecture comparison, provide some insight into which augmentation, patch reconstruction, and annotation step size work better. 

The research concludes that edge detection networks can predict more continuous faults than line segments for 2D fault detection; however, additional training data is required.
The paper's code is accessible on GitHub as well as the dataset on google drive.

The paper: "Yu An et al., 2021, Deep convolutional neural network for automatic fault recognition from 3D seismic datasets"

Link for the paper:
Link to the GitHub code:
Link to the dataset:
Link to the LinkedIn post