Is GAN-based Seismic Attribute Calculation Faster?

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Everyone is aware that computing a seismic attribute can take a long time, depending on the method's complexity and the seismic size. Moreover, the computation time is nonlinearly related to the seismic size.

The paper presents a broad strategy for dealing with nonlinear dependency. It claims to be up to 80x quicker in a calculation, and, more significantly, it exhibits linear dependence on seismic size.

The authors provide a comparison of CPU-based analytical and GPU-based neural network attributes calculation. Even though it's not a fair game, but it leaves thoughts to consider.

The publication: João Paulo Navarro et al. [2020] Real-time seismic attributes computation with conditional GANs
DOI: 10.1190/segam2020-3427757.1
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The link for the paper
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