[OpenData] SPE repository with well production data

Consider checking out the SPE data repository if you want to apply AI/ML within production engineering but lack real data. 

Within the SPE, the Bleeding Edge of RTA group promotes the value of Rate Transient Analysis (RTA). The group collects data from industry partners and makes it available for training, research, publishing, and development.

At the time of writing, the repository contains one dataset with 53 wells with the following information:
⚡️Gas Volume⚡️Oil Volume⚡️Water Volume⚡️Gas Lift Inj Volume⚡️Casing Pressure⚡️Tubing Pressure⚡️Active Pressure⚡️Line Pressure⚡️Pressure Source⚡️Calculated Sandface Pressure  

Link for the dataset:
Link for the LinkedIn post