Hey friends —
I’m Ruslan. I’m a CTO and AI blogger.
I am fascinated by artificial intelligence and its applications in the oil and gas industry. I've spent the last five years learning, teaching, building, and deploying AI-based solutions for seismic interpretation, geological modeling, and reservoir simulation.
Hello there, friends! I'm starting a YouTube channel dedicated to AI and machine learning in the oil and gas industry.

What inspired me to start a YouTube channel?

During the EAGE conference's "Design Thinking" workshop, attendees from energy firms discussed the common topic of AI/ML adaption and potential solutions. One solution that has repeatedly surfaced is a good education on the subject.

This is why I started a YouTube channel where I cover all aspects of our industry (drilling, exploration, production, and reservoir) as well as hands-on AI/ML programming using Python and Tensorflow/PyTorch.
YouTube channel for AI/ML in Oil and Gas
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